+ Motion Graphic Designer

I am a passionate and enthusiastic professional creative multimedia designer driven by my love for the creative arts especially electronic music and motion design.

With a Bachelor of Animation, I have a solid understanding of 3D modelling and motion design workflows and knowledge in a variety of industry
used software. I also have a Bachelor of Audio Production, and extensive experience in recording and post production workflows and knowledge using a variety of industry used software. My skills include 3D modelling, motion design, video editing and audio production. I have 30 years of experience in the audio industry and recently have expanded to digital design and am always learning new skills.

+ DJ Profile

Whatever Frankie Shin does, he does it with PASSION.
From the early beginnings as a DJ in Seoul to Audio Engineering at SAE in Sydney and his latest 3D modelling & Motion Design at SAE in Melbourne.
He brings a flamboyant style that captivates the masses. His creative mind communicates through music and visuals to give energy to his audiences. Whether spinning the music, exploring multimedia, or dancing on the dance floor, he enlivens the space and the patron’s experience.

Frankie’s passion started to develop in the 1980s while at middle school in South Korea. His creative, colourful style quickly engaged the masses when he brought the latest dance music to Seoul as resident DJ at Hollywood Club in the 90s. A loyal following emerged from those suffering insomnia who knew that Frankie Shin would be spinning out a house, techno and pop music in Itaewon till the break of dawn. Seoul then began to have an influx of international DJs, and Frankie Shin found himself playing with some of the best. He became influenced by DJs such as Richie Hawtin, John Acquaviva, Dave Seaman and Dave Law from Hacienda in Manchester, England.

In the early 1990s, he travelled to England, Holland and Germany, taking mental notes of all that was to be seen and heard. Back in Seoul, he introduced this new genre and further honed his skills. Frankie’s love of music is over many genres, so to describe him just as a house or techno DJ would be foolish. His love of music and his loyal followers will never be constricted to one genre.

With a thirst for knowledge, it is not surprising that Frankie is continually exploring new ways to entertain. This constant experimentation and adaptation of new technologies mean he is constantly creating his own ideas.

As a multimedia artist, he makes a sound and visual experience that stimulate.




 – Dance & Promotional Parties

 – Resident Clubs

Club & Bar Launching in South Korea

 – Support & CollaborationDJs & Artists:

Played with Paul Van Dyke, Dave Seaman, Josh Wink, Mauro Picotto, James Lavelle, Roy Davis Jr, Andy Caldwell, JT Donaldson, Lisa Shaw, Willie Graf, Jose Padilla, Jazzy M, DJ Emma, DJ Envy, DJ IBI, DJ Gomi, Qypthone, Reggae Disco Rockers, Andy Murphy, Wei Shen, John Course, Rogue Traders, Mondo Grosso, Fumiya Tanaka, Shuffle Master, Ken Ishii, Davide Squillace, John Acquaviva, Bauhaus, Guy Gerber, Slacker, DJ Dan, Mark Bee, Brian Cross, Dave Law, Thomas D, Lisa Loud, Nick Slater, Nik Fish, Jumping Jack, Alex Taylor, Mandy Rollins, Jewelz, Matt Roberts, DJ Antwone, and David S, Jimmy Chen & DJ Turbo & Atsushi, James Margon, Eddie Niguel, DJ Chip, Dan Murphy, Peter McNamara, DJ Argonaut, and Many local Korean DJs & Artists