Week 1 – Motion Design for Livestream

CIU 212 – Major Project Development (Capstone preparation)

Title: Motion Design for Livestream

Product / Service – Livestream & Motion Design

Task – Research Concepts / Ideas

References – Youtube Livestream channels

  1. Le Mellotron
Paris, France – Radio Station
Introducing lo-fi, hip hop, house and live musicians


Berlin, Germany
Introducing underground music

3. Cercle

Cercle produces unique experiences, by organizing, filming and broadcasting concerts in carefully selected locations around the world.


BE-AT.TV is the world’s most advanced and unique live streaming video platform for all-premium Electronic Dance Music content, providing a global dialogue between artists, labels and fans. BE-AT.TV live stream and record the hottest, most sought after DJs, labels, events and festivals allowing for immediate playback through its on-demand and DVR functionality.

5. Intercell

Intercell promotes transcendent techno orientated electronic music events. We are based in Amsterdam and strive to create peerless moments with top-notch music, artists and productions with an industrial and minimalistic design.

6. Swissbeatbox

Swissbeatbox.com provides beatboxing video clips from artists from all over the world. We film artists with our own equipment or we send out requests to beatboxers to hand in material from themselves. We film at beatboxing events (conventions, jams, competitions etc.) and we also film dedicated promotional videos from solo beatboxers or beatbox teams.


We against the current movement to the commercial, try to be back to the basic, and make the contents which has the pleasure from the finest music itself. And that’s what you watch from MixMixTV. Anywhere, Anytime.
Yamada @ 고양현대모터스튜디오 (hyundai motor studio goyang) Ultra Korea 2018 After Party
A composer and improviser, Franck Vigroux lives in a universe where noise, improvisation, electroacoustic, industrial, hörspiel, and contemporary music meet. Originally a programming engineer, Antoine Schmitt places program, a newly emerging material in the history of arts, at the core of his works. He approaches to more established artistic fields like music, dance, architecture, literature or cinema with his own comprehension via codes.

Promotional Videos – Motion Design & Video Mapping

Amon Tobin – ‘Amon Tobin’ Boxset / ISAM Live 2012

Promotional video for the Amon Tobin ‘ISAM’ Live 2012 Boxset, released 21 May 2012 on Ninja Tune.