Week 13 – Reflection of projects (include post mortem)


1.How the projects work went? 

Hard Surface – I am really happy with the outcome and will practice more.

Character Animation – It was not easy process but Adam and our lecturer helped me a lot.

Zoetrope – It was not my favourite but I’ve managed to produce simple zoetrope.

2. Self reflective: 

It was not easy with team project. I’ve learned hard surface modeling a lot.  Also I’ve research motion design and After Effects for individual research and it was good self development.

3. How you feel you went? 

It was hard to get through but I think I got through.

4. How you feel your group project, rate them. 

Dennis has a good animation skill. but I was not good animator and I’ve delayed the process.  7/10 

5. Would you work with Dennis again? 

Maybe, if we have an individual roles which is not conflict each other.

6. What could I improve? 

More practice and researches

7. What can you improve? 

Definitely, I need to practice more about rigging and animation.

8. What was easy? 

I love After Effects compositing and I would like to develop motion design skill further.

9. What was hard? 

Skinning and animation in team project was very difficult.

10. What would you do differently? 

I will spend more time for rigging or animation if I have to do character animation again.

Feedback Questionnaire: 


1 = Not Good 3 = It’s Okay 5 = I Love It! 

Colour Palette: 

4 – Without style guide, It would be better with Style guide 


4 – Follow the concept and try to match the Sci-Fi concept 


5 – Hard Surface modeling was fun


1 – Rigging / Animation need to be improve 


4 – Substance painter was big help 


3 – Only use HDR map and 1 directional light 

Concept / Originality: 

4 – Sci-Fi concept and style development were good 


3 – Didn’t have enough time

Overall Quality: 

4 – Work hard but I didn’t have enough time for better presentation

Overall Rating: 

3 – just survived 

Critiques / Improvement: 

Rigging / Animation need to be improve 

Substance painter / designer Texturing can be improve 

Maya lighting can be improve

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