Week 6 – 3D Texturing (work in progress)

I’ve finished UV unwraping 3D model Spinner vehicle. Now processing texturing in Substance Painter and rendering in Maya with Arnold.

I’ve decided to have 4 parts of UV sets for texturing. I’ve changed some parts and need to re-pack UV sets.

I use Shadeit & SPlivelink plugin for Substance Painter and Maya sync. I can send mesh from Maya with multiple textures via SPLivelink.
Substance Painter will receive Maya mesh with textures. So I can start texturing multiple textures. I can send multiple textures back to Maya with Create All button. Maya will receive all textures from Substance Painter. I can quick look with Shadeit plugin with texture on in viewport, but Arnold render view will have proper look.
I use this method for Maya and Substance Painter and it saves a lot of time.

I need to learn in depth of Hypershade in Maya. I hope I can learn a lot from multiple texturing task in this Trimester.

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