Week 4 – 3D Logo in Maya

This week I designed a DJ logo with Adobe Illustrator and Maya’s SVG import tool.

I’ve sketched in After Effects. I used BankNue font and Rearranged them. I used masks for hide some areas.

I used Long Shadow effect in After Effects.

I extrude the logo with Element 3D plugin in After Effects.
Multiple extrude layers.

However, DJ wants have full name, so I’ve asked graphic designer to make EDM Dj style logo.

I’ve tweaked logo positions. I’ve made TT & U together for House shape for house music DJ.

DJ wanted have red colour bevel style logo in black background.

Process – SVG tool in Maya

Beauty Render in Keyshot

I’ve found Keyshot is very easy to use for product visualisation. Especially lighting control preset is very useful – I use product preset. It will take couple of minutes and no noise problem.

I made white and black background for various situation.

Now I’ve made logo design workflow and it will be very useful for future logo design and other design process.

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