Week 10 – Texturing and Unreal Engine Test

This week I had to finish up 7 assets texturing and tested in Unreal Engine. I had a difficult time with UV unwrapping with high poly kit bash models. Our facilitator Christian advised me to the right direction and finally I’ve managed finish all my UV unwrapping.

Substance Painter – Texturing

Style guide – dust, dirty, scratched style.

I’ve used edge wear, dirt, mask generator and scratch filters on matt finished materials to establish our style guide.

I’ve finished up with text and decals to style up textures.

4K texture required big CPU/GPU power on my laptop and just managed finish 7 assets.

Unreal Engine Test

I’ve made 7 folders for 7 assets in contents folder and imported fbx and 3 textures into each folders.

I’ve assigned 3 textures to dedicated channels.

1.Base color

2.OcclusionRoughnessMetallic – 1 texture have 3 textures on R-roughness, G-ambient Occulsion, B-metalic


Substance Live Link

I’ve found some useful workflow for Substance painter. Substance painter live link with Maya & Unreal Engine.

I can send mesh from Maya and texture in Substance Painter and send it back with 1 click. It support Arnold material.

Also I can send fbx mesh from Unreal Engine and texture in Substance painter as well. I just need to install Substance plugin UE4.23.

It was very tiring process to finish 7 assets and finally I’ve made this far. I really enjoyed every single process and I love it! I can’t wait to finish this group project and see real time engine’s graphic power.

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