Week 8 – Asset modelling

I am modelling crates and robot for unreal group project.

Container – Low poly model

I’ve made low poly container from polygon plane. 8 corner pieces from polygon cube. The first, I made 1/4 part and use duplicate special to complete mesh.

2 crates – low poly model

I’ve downloaded various crates 3D models on 3Dexport.com and modified 2 low poly crates for Unreal group project asset.

Utility-bot – Low poly head with Kitbashing

I’ve started with polygon plane for head and use various kitbash parts to build welding-bot. This is concept stage and planning to develop more details.

Windmill – Low Poly (bevel edges)

I’ve made Windmill parts with polygon plane and sphere. I am planning to animate the fan.

This week I had a so much fun making assets for the Unreal Group project.

I’ve made container from the scratch and it wasn’t easier than I thought.

I’ve made crates from reference 3D models and it was fun to model various shape of boxes.

Welding-bot was so much fun. I’ve made low poly head and use kit bash models for other parts. I think kit bashing will be good for my concept developing.

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