Week 7 – Substance Designer to Unreal Engine Material

Week 7

I’ve studied how to use Substance Designer at Lynda.com and Pluralsight.

It’s a node base material craetation application. It’s very similar to Material editor in Unreal Engine.

Unreal engine has a plugin for Substance material.




I need to create package and start from there with Physical base roughness. Most of happen in graph editor.

I can import mesh in 3D view and test out various textures. I can check UV and texture in 2D view as well.

I think Substance Designer and Painter have a similar 3D & 2D function. Also I can bake high poly mesh into low poly mesh.



I can use Environment map for lighting in 3D view.



I can export Substance Material to Unreal engine material.

It will be very useful when I have to texture a lot of meshes for Unreal engine.



Class exercise – Vertex painting

How to make use rock and moss textures to paint on the rock.



Self reflection of skills

My unreal engine skill are still weak. I need to practice how to make materials and use them for my meshes.



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