Week 6 – Unreal Engine 4

This week I’ve learned how to navigate interface, make material and landscape in Unreal Engine.

It uses a lot of hard disk space and I had to clean up my laptop hard disk and reinstall Mac OS X Mojave to install Xcode for the latest Unreal Engine.

I’ve watched essential tutorial for Unreal Engine at Lynda.com and it helped me understand this week classroom lectures.

Navigation –

W A S D with LMB – forward, left, back, right movement.

W E R – move, rotate, scale object.

Opt + click, RMB + click – Orbit around, Zoom in / out




Unreal Engine has a node base material tool.




Material Instance

It useful to make instance and control the parameters.





The landscape mode in Unreal Engine Four is an incredibly powerful.

Automatic setting of levels of detail, as well as handling scaling of advanced materials and textures.



Self reflection of skills

My unreal engine skill are very weak at the moment. I need to learn and practice how to navigate properly. I need to start create landscape and build some geometries and texture them.


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